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Community resources

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Introducing “Packages”
By jdkato, 2022

Share, sync, and extend Vale-related assets.

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Writing like a pro with vale & neovim
By Bhupesh Varshney, 2022

Learn how to setup and use vale, a syntax-aware prose linter with neovim for technical writing be it personal blogs or technical documentation.

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What’s the difference between Vale Server and Vale CLI?
By Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer, 2022

With Vale Server, you can use Vale CLI’s style-checking capabilities in editors such as Visual Studio Code, Atom*, Sublime Text, Google Docs, and Chrome. On your system, you run Vale CLI and …

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Reducing negative and biased language in documentation
By Chris Ward, 2022

Guest post originally published on the Chronosphere blog by Chris Ward The discussions on what represents negative, biased, and diverse language continue in many open source communities…