A conditional with multiple capture groups.


extends: conditional
message: "'%s' has no definition"
level: error
scope: text
ignorecase: false
# Ensures that the existence of 'first' implies the existence of 'second'.
first: '\b([A-Z]{3,5})\b'
second: '([A-Z]{3,5}): (?:\b[A-Z][a-z]+ )+|(?:\b[A-Z][a-z]+ )+\(([A-Z]{3,5})\)'
# ... with the exception of these:
  - ABC
  - ADD


According to Wikipedia, the WHO: World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. We can now use WHO because it has been defined. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional sports league. The NFL is also a sports league.